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Ken Gaub has been in the ministry of helping people most of his adult life.  He began by pasturing a mountain church in Kentucky for two years, then took his musical family across America, traveling full time for over 65 years.  As his organization began to grow worldwide, with his main office in Yakima, Washington

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Ken has now traveled over 10 million miles to over 100 foreign countries and has taken over 150 trips to Israel.  He speaks before diverse crowds in places such as colleges, high schools, universities, conventions, prisons, music festivals, state, and county fairs, some of the world’s largest churches and even the Pentagon.

This ministry has several phases, such as seminars, helping troubled youth; a prison outreach, an overseas outreach, and Ken’s personal appearances.

 Ken has helped many to rise above their unpleasant situations and learn to completely turn their lives around.  In person, on radio and television, Ken motivates people to be more than average in a very unusual, humorous style.

The quest for answers to many complex questions, combined with his unusual experience and humor makes him a dynamic, sought after speaker all over the world.  You will laugh and cry, but listening to KEN GAUB is a never to be forgotten experience.

 We could never do what we do without the help of others.  To help, please use the link below to donate to this ministry.